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Focus3 is the leader in “on-demand” database sales and marketing software for real estate. Designed by proven industry experts with over 75 years of combined experience, our system integrates sales and marketing efforts to protect your  investment.

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More than software, with Focus3 you will: •  Integrate. Protect your marketing message through coordinated sales and marketing activities. Your sales team delivers a consistent, precision-tailored customer experience, all the time. •  Automate. Keep your sales team focused on what they do best – building relationships. Simplify that process and maximize their ability to qualify leads using our streamlined, intuitive SalesPath® automated follow-up process. No lead grows cold. •  Analyze. Improve ROI by zeroing in on the most profitable marketing activities and the best-performing salespeople using real-time reporting.  Focus3 has helped its clients generate billions in sales by converting thousands of prospects from inquiry to sale.

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