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Marketing and Database Services Centered Around Creating Experiences.

Experience Marketing

n. Strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the brand.
Focus3 Marketing Services are focused on driving prospects to your community. Whether crafting a lead generation or nurture strategy or just one email message, staying brand focused and customer centric creates the experiences today’s prospect needs.
Realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that feel as real as being there.
Take your marketing to the next level with a Matterport® Virtual Reality Tour. This is the latest in 3D media solutions, specially designed for the real estate industry. Focus3 will send a representative to capture the imagery for your virtual reality tour. Then you will receive a link to the hosting of your listing included is an immersive interactive view, walk through tour, a dollhouse view and a floorplan view.

Interactive 3D and VR

[matterport src=”NtUURucPRAF”]

Database Services

A healthy database is a sales goldmine.

F3’s data services will improve your database performance. We are the best in the business in:
Buyer Profile Analysis
Data Validation
Data Cleansing
Lifestyle/Interest Appending
Demographic Information Updates
Data Appending (email, phone, NCOA and more)
And more…

They are out there waiting. Lead Nurturing will find them automatically.
Provides your leads with a steady flow of information that is relevant to them and drives them down the pipeline. Focus3 will drive your organizations prospects from inquiry to sale more effectively through a proven, automated approach.  Surface the engaged, ready to buy prospects fast and efficiently.

Lead Nurturing

Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Services

Web Design and HTML Email

Print and Tradeshow

Public Relations

Digital Marketing

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