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How much more efficient and productive would you be if you could capture all the traffic that comes to your website or landing page, regardless if they complete your form-fill?  These are your next buyers at their peak level of interest, yet you’re currently missing WELL over half of them.  With Rocket Science, you can catch them today and maximize your marketing efforts. This isn’t Facebook or Google re-targeting pixels, this is a whole new level of lead generation to your most interested customers.  



How Web Capture landed a $639,000 homesite sale

Using our proprietary software, we captured a few hundred leads that were coming to our client’s website, turned those anonymous Hash Codes into names and email addresses, and sent out an email message announcing the opening of a new section of homesites.

One particular customer, who had been to the website days earlier but didn’t complete a form fill, received the email, opened it and the content caught his attention.  “I was just at your site a few days ago and then this email shows up–it seemed like fate or karma” he would later tell our sales team.  He booked an appointment for that weekend and, five days later, he and his wife purchased a $639,000 homesite.  Why?  Because our community was at the top of their mind when our email message was delivered.  The content was relevant to where they were in the buying cycle.  And before the competition could steer the conversation, our marketing message arrived and enticed them to engage with our sales agent.

The four competitors in that same area never even got a chance to interact with this customer.  All because we were able to engage with them when they had the most intent.  All done through data.  This is how Rocket Science is far superior to pixel retargeting or single-platform advertising.  Click below to learn more.

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