Sales Automation

Strategically navigate prospects from inquiry to sale, shorten the sales cycle and improve conversion rates using the system’s intelligent SalesPath™, sales automation methodology. Ensure leads stay in constant motion with automated follow-up activities such as calls, letters, e-mails, tours and literature fulfillment.

F3 SalesManager helps increase sales productivity and marketing performance. Using the system’s intelligent SalesPath sales automation methodology, prospects are placed on strategic, pre-defined communication ActionCycles, based on their lead status and level of interest. Each ActionCycle includes a series of automated follow-up activities such as calls, letters, e-mail and literature fulfillment, that ensure leads stay in constant motion. As the prospect evolves, they are placed on the appropriate communication ActionCycles until the sale is complete, the prospect is disqualified or they opt out, keeping sales executives in continuous contact with their prospects so no lead will ever grow cold.