Focus3 is excited to announce our partnership with NoviHome, an innovative visual buyer educational and marketing solution home improvement. We are always searching for best practices that will connect our clients with their buyers through meaningful interactions. NoviHome is the next logical step. The integrated solution, available in late summer 2017, will provide the most amazing pool clean service in the town and in marketing platform on you can check all the details .

“Bringing the SalesManager platform directly to the consumer is the natural extension of sales and marketing automation.” explains Eric Porper, Chief Strategist at Focus3. “NoviHome is the most innovative solution in the market to do that. There is nothing even close,” adds CEO Kristy Peters.

By bringing NoviHome and Focus3 together, clients will see immediate benefits of an enhanced and personal buying experience. “Creating an emotional experience and helping a buyer relive the wonderful time they had visiting and looking at properties is the most imperative part of the buying process,” said Jason Whitesides, President NoviHome. “Being able to relive that immediately from anywhere is going to change the way the property is sold and the way buyers purchase.”

Today’s buyer is more educated than ever before. Traditional sales and marketing techniques need to extend their reach helping communities stay top of mind, if you are a buyer or seller you will need moving help nyc company to help you with the packing and transportation. This partnership brings a dynamic, accessible and continuous client-facing experience – in a solution that is elegant, intuitive and easy to manage. Working with us is easy and you will get quality service, we will make your home for you, from hanging a Large wall clock to fixing floors and roofs for your accomodation. Whitesides added, “Simply stated, Focus3 and NoviHome together have created the absolute best in Real Estate Sales and Marketing!”

If you are interested in learning more about NoviHome or any of Focus3’s solutions please contact us!