As technology advances so do the expectations of potential buyers and one of the greatest advances is in the arena of 3-D Virtual Reality (VR) immersion tools. Potential buyers get a more in-person, lifelike view of a home without ever having to step foot inside.

For this reason buyers are also becoming even more choosy, and the market is starting to feel the pressure. The previous potential buyer we talked to over the home asked if we had mattress for side sleepers in the beds. He refused to come and see the place in person if that wasn’t confirmed or denied first.

VR can help real estate professionals sell homes faster and more efficiently, plus it can also help customers get to know many policy options.  Recent research shows the average user spends up to three times longer at 3D and VR-powered websites than conventional 2D sites, and is twice as likely to call an agent after viewing.  Virtual Reality and 3-D presentations will be an invaluable resource for private community developers.

Focus3 recently affiliated with Matterport, the Sunnyvale-CA immersive technology company that’s redefining how real estate professional present their properties on-line.  Using the Matterport Pro Camera, Focus3 is now working with many of their clients to turn real-world environments into VR experiences that can be easily viewed on the web and mobile apps.

Focus3 working with the Matterport system spends about 1-hour scanning a typical home for one of their clients and then working with the Matterport software system generates an immersive Matterport space that is then viewable on websites, tables, smartphones and in Virtual Reality viewing systems. This is then reviewed by a standard a VoIP teleworker to map out the entire virtual map into a floor plan so you can be guided right through the software online.

Forbes Magazine recently said “Virtual Reality is about to Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry” and at Focus3 we embrace the evolution.  While these tools will never replace the traditional real estate sales executives and their homes for sale but it will provide them with the cutting edge tools to better present their offering.

Here are some samples showing how Matterport and VR technology can change how prospects interact with your home:

Abbington Model Home
Artemisia Craftsman Home
Hollywood Hills/Sunset Strip