Focus3 SalesManager CRM

There has never been a better time to get started with Focus3. For a limited time, take advantage of our free QuickStart program and move into the most robust, integrated, automated sales and marketing web-based application for Real Estate that is built for Selling.


Focus3 SalesManager ™ is a powerful web-based sales and marketing automation solution.  With Automated comprehensive engagement and qualification


SalesManager has a comprehensive feature list including:

Contact Engagement

  • Automated lead capture – from your website, campaign landing pages, partner sites.
  • Automated assignment
  • New lead alert
  • Email integration
  • Contact groups (private or public)
  • “To do” task assignment for agent or other team members

Lead Nurturing

  • Automated lead qualification – Fully automated follow-up processes that include print fulfillment, calls and emails. Faster response, faster conversion.  Agents can adjust based on various situations and apply to the prospect at any time
  • Action cycles – every lead has a plan so that no lead is left behind.
  • Transparency between sales and marketing efforts


  • Centralized home page for today’s activity
  • Customizable sales funnel
  • Lead website tracking
  • Inventory and listing management
  • Adapts to your business process
  • Efficient call and list work flow for realtors and call teams


  • Email integration
  • Send personalized individual or group emails and track results on the contact – no limits
  • Integrated Email marketing app with customizable templates
  • Or Integrate with your existing service provider (e.g., Mail Chimp)


  • Bulk Email integration
  • Survey Monkey integration
  • Search and create lists for follow-up – segment your database on any metric

Actionable Intelligence

  • Actionable business intelligence – the most robust standard reporting solution in the market today.
  • Calendar of past due and upcoming appointments, calls, tasks.

Ease of use

  • Responsive design – works on most mobile devices
  • Sales consultants and call teams can easily follow-up with thousands of prospects
  • Personalized and centralized print fulfillment

And much, much more!

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