SalesManager Sales and Marketing Automation

The best of CRM, plus a whole lot more.

SalesPath Automation

Automated Lead Nurturing

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand. Focus3 makes it simple to create consistent messaging and ensure a consistent delivery from your sales team. Through SalesPath automation you can keep your sales team focused on what they do best – building relationships – through automated follow-up programs and ensure no lead will ever grow cold.

Personalized eBlasts, 1:1 drip, one off sends. Fully transparent. Fully measured.

Automated, personalized, 1:1 email marketing. Track email activity at the contact level and send your marketing messages through one app. Personalize email blasts keeping everyone in the loop while understand what’s working.

Email Marketing

Contact Groups

Simple to Create Segmented Contact Groups that are Static or Dynamic.

Easily create contact groups from almost anywhere. Communicate, report, create drip or marketing campaigns, and much more to groups for personalized sales oriented to their interests.

The most complete contact history allowing you to get the full story.

Get the complete story on your contacts in a simple to interact with storyboard. Understand who is engaged, how they engaged and be prepared for every interaction. Calls, Emails (individual and marketing), Tours, Print and more – all tracked, all available.

Contact Story

Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Management


Comprehensive inventory management for selling and reselling homes and homesites.

Print Fulfillment

Automate your print fulfillment for full contact lifecycle needs – whether welcome packet or post tour thank you or contracting needs.

Advanced Call Management

Automated call management through custom lists and the fastest call management available.

Surveys, Qualifiers and Custom Attributes

There is no shortage of ways you can customize information to meet your unique sales and marketing process.

And Much More


Comprehensive Contact History


Direct Web Lead Capture


Third Party Lead Import


Sales Process Automation


New Lead Notification


Integrated Individual Emailing


Integrated Mass Email Campaigns and Reporting


Agent Email Conversation Sync to Contact


Lead Sales Rating and History


Customizable Qualifying Questions


Marketing Campaign Tracking


Full contact history


Literature Fulfillment


Targeted Marketing and Communications


Contact Level Email Event Tracking


Individual and Shareable Contact Groups

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