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Unlimited Email. Unlimited Contacts. Unlimited Everything. Focus3 SalesManager is the easy-to-use sales and marketing connected app for real estate. Integrate. Automate. Analyze. Start or switch for free* today.

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Focus360 - Interactive, Integrated VR

As a certified Matterport service partner, Focus3 can help you deliver high quality, VR-ready 360 tours of your homes, amenities, and environments. With integrated metrics, you will always know what’s working.

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Inbound Marketing

Increase the quality of your leads and build a sustainable, high functioning lead generation strategy. Leads that sell start with Inbound Marketing.

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What We Do


SalesManager CRM

Built by real estate experts, Focus3 SalesManager is the leading sales and marketing automation engine for real estate. Combining the best of sales automation, email marketing and business intelligence.

Marketing Agency

Lead generation, lead nurturing and sales acceleration – We find and qualify your leads to maximize your budget and sales cycle. Online or offline, from website development to marketing strategy, it’s what we do.

Database Services

Data cleansing, Lead scoring, Contact Appends and much more, Focus3 can amp up your sales by providing precision tuning on your existing data – or help you source new high quality new leads.


Lower Cost of Sale


Increase in Qualified Opportunities


Less Lead Leakage

F3 SalesManager


F3 SalesManager seamlessly delivers critical insights about your marketing campaigns, lead generation activities, and sales efforts, allowing you to evaluate campaign performance and ROI in real-time.


Because F3 SalesManager helps increase sales productivity, your organization will manage and qualify more leads with automated, 1:1 drip marketing. Automated follow-up activities such as calls, letters, e-mail and literature fulfillment ensures leads stay in constant motion and no lead ever grows cold while sales agents focus on closing.


With the industry’s most comprehensive standard reports, F3 SalesManager gives sales executives and property developers the power to measure sales activity and improve marketing performance, allowing true business intelligence to drive decisions.



Comprehensive Contact History


Direct Web Lead Capture


Third Party Lead Import


Sales Process Automation


New Lead Notification


Integrated Individual Emailing


Integrated Mass Email Campaigns and Reporting


Agent Email Conversation Sync to Contact


Lead Sales Rating and History


Customizable Qualifying Questions


Marketing Campaign Tracking


Full contact history


Literature Fulfillment


Targeted Marketing and Communications


Contact Level Email Event Tracking


Individual and Shareable Contact Groups

Featured Partners and Integrations

Professional Services

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing provides leads with a steady flow
of information that is relevant to them and drives them down the pipeline. Focus3 will drive your organizations prospects from inquiry to sale more effectively through our proven methodology with Lead Nurturing.

Web Design / HTML Email Communications

Email communications are a necessity to engage prospects and customers. It’s also a continuously evolving digital tactic, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. Focus3 is your partner for effective campaign strategy that
keeps your brand and message top of mind for your prospects – driving them to take action. Our campaign-integrated messaging assures effective and consistent delivery of your brand and provides immediate reporting via integration with our F3 SalesManager. This integration assures your sales team members are prepared for follow up with their prospects.

Public Relations

Creative concepts and delivery methods alone are not enough; Focus3 assists clients in developing and implementing strategic plans that make sure your message resonates with the prospect and motivates them to make a buying decision.

We use years of real estate marketing and communications experience to assist in creating awareness, generate demand and build credibility while meeting specific and measurable goals.

Print Advertising and Fulfillment

Although much emphasis today is on Internet  and Social Media Marketing, it is also important to stay creative with traditional advertising methods. Print advertising and fulfillment is a very effective way to continually profile your organization. Our creative team develops ads that stand out and most importantly – calls the reader to take action. Supporting print fulfillment is designed to further reinforce your offering in clients’ minds. Focus3’s creative team can support your existing brand or work with stakeholders to develop an effective, impactful campaign and brand strategy.

Is your data healthy?

F3’s data services will improve your database performance. We are the best in the business in:

  • Buyer Profile Analysis
  • Data Validation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Lifestyle/Interest Appending
  • Demographic Information Updates
  • Data Appending (email, phone, NCOA and more)
  • And more...

Focus3 and their team provides unparalleled marketing integration. Through their hands-on approach we have seen increased conversion rates with more qualified prospects allowing us to stretch our marketing dollars further.

Linda Buskey

Bay Creek

Focus3 SalesManager is a key component for managing our sales pipeline.  Our agents know which leads are actively participating in the sales cycle while it works to automatically re-engage and qualifying the rest of the database.  It truly feels like part of the team!

Jerry Helms

Director of Sales & Marketing, Brunswick Forest

Focus3 is the best in the business when it comes to understanding how marketing and database software come together to drive tours and sales to planned-community real estate. Focus3 has been an integral part of our overall strategy with respect to sales, marketing and management for our golf-community clients. They manage our database contact system and also provide marketing services to ensure that our client database is effectively communicated with on a regular basis, which has helped us convert leads to tours (and sales).

In fact, our lead-to-contract time frame in 2014 (for our Lake Tahoe client) has been reduced to an unbelievable 5 months, 19 days using the Focus3 system and communication strategies!

Jim Matoska

Red Earth Corporation

Why Focus3?

Focus3 brings together the proven success and practical experience of real estate agents with years of expertise in technology and marketing. Our founding group of industry professionals identified the need for a better way to manage real estate sales and marketing activities. The result is F3 SalesManager™, a cloud-based sales, marketing and contact management system that maximizes marketing investments and unlocks the full potential of sales teams. Engineered from the ground up to meet the unique needs of the real estate industry, SalesManager gives sales executives the tools required to successfully build relationships and convert prospects from inquiry to sale. Combined with fully integrated email marketing and a complete set of comprehensive  reports, F3 SalesManager gives you the power to measure sales actions and improve marketing performance on demand.

Do you provide marketing agency services?

YES! Focus3 has full service agency capabilities to help you stay focused on selling. In addition to content, email and web development, Focus3 provides full marketing strategy and operational support to ensure you can stay focused on selling. From lead generation to qualification to sale, Focus3 understands the modern market like no other.

Can you help with sales process?

Focus3 has VP-level sales leaders ready to help with strategy, process, training or just to add an extra hand.

Are you really integrated?

Yes! We believe a single source of truth is key to building the relationships necessary to sell in today’s market.  Our focus on integration allows us to continue to be the leader in single source data from email marketing to third party lead sourcing.

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