CRM, meet Prospect

With Focus3 + NoviHome enhance the buyer experience while they are with you and ensure you stay top-of-mind while keeping options clear after they leave.

Oh Hi! I didn’t know you were still interested...

No need to search. SalesManager lets you know your prospects are engaged.

What Email? Did they look at it?

Marketing might get it, now sales can know they did too. Transparency makes marketing impact on your leads known.

Better Leads, Faster Sales. Focus3 solutions are about finding, nurturing, and closing fast and efficiently.

Built by real estate experts, Focus3 SalesManager is the leading sales and marketing automation engine for real estate. Combining the best of sales automation, email and marketing, and business intelligence.

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Integrate Your Sales and Marketing

Whether it’s email marketing, print fulfillment, web traffic, or many other touch points, Focus3 SalesManager was designed to coordinate all efforts.


F3 SalesManager seamlessly delivers critical insights about your marketing campaigns, lead generation activities, and sales efforts, allowing you to evaluate campaign performance and ROI in real-time.


Because F3 SalesManager helps increase sales productivity, your organization will manage and qualify more leads with automated, 1:1 drip marketing. Automated follow-up activities such as calls, letters, e-mail and literature fulfillment ensures leads stay in constant motion and no lead ever grows cold while sales agents focus on closing.


With the industry’s most comprehensive standard reports, F3 SalesManager gives sales executives and property developers the power to measure sales activity and improve marketing performance, allowing true business intelligence to drive decisions.

Experience Marketing

Marketing strategy, campaigns, interactive/3d home tours, drone video, and more – Focus3 can help build the experiences that drive prospects, tours, and sales.

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Focus3 + NoviHome

The most innovated and complete sales and marketing solution for real estate.

NoviHome is a visual education and marketing solution utilizing touchscreen technology to enhance the buyer experience while they are with you, and ensure you stay top-of-mind while keeping options clear after they leave. Easy content management, interactive presentation and drawing tools, fully integrated contact engagement – Focus3 + NoviHome is the ultimate sales acceleration platform.

Focus3 and their team provides unparalleled marketing integration. Through their hands-on approach we have seen increased conversion rates with more qualified prospects allowing us to stretch our marketing dollars further.

Linda Buskey

Bay Creek

Focus3 SalesManager is a key component for managing our sales pipeline.  Our agents know which leads are actively participating in the sales cycle while it works to automatically re-engage and qualifying the rest of the database.  It truly feels like part of the team!

Jerry Helms

Director of Sales & Marketing, Brunswick Forest

Focus3 is the best in the business when it comes to understanding how marketing and database software come together to drive tours and sales to planned-community real estate. Focus3 has been an integral part of our overall strategy with respect to sales, marketing and management for our golf-community clients. They manage our database contact system and also provide marketing services to ensure that our client database is effectively communicated with on a regular basis, which has helped us convert leads to tours (and sales).

In fact, our lead-to-contract time frame in 2014 (for our Lake Tahoe client) has been reduced to an unbelievable 5 months, 19 days using the Focus3 system and communication strategies!

Jim Matoska

Red Earth Corporation

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